Car Theft Story

Last year around Easter I had some bad luck.  I went outside to take a trip to my local hardware store to find my much cherished 4×4 had been stolen.  It sounds stupid but it had started becoming almost part of the family.  My wife and young son had been on some of the best camping trips in it, and it had got us to places we would have never otherwise gone in our other little city car.

I had trouble processing it at first.  Why would anyone want to steal a 20 year old car? No one steals cars anymore right? Wrong.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised I had been an idiot. All the nice little parts that we thought made it great, someone else thought they were great too…as theirs.

When I researched how easy it was to hotwire I was dumbfounded.  It may have taken all of 10 to 15 seconds to steal for a “professional” criminal.  The bad “luck” I had was nothing of the sort.  It was avoidable stupidity, and that made me really angry.  Mostly at myself.

I resolved it would not happen again, so I got to work and put together a vehicle security plan for my ‘new’ (25 year old) 4×4.  Implementing a vehicle security plan actually isn’t that easy, and it takes effort to implement. I just hope by sharing it I can help prevent someone else out.


Our last trip in our car before it was stolen…Gardens of Stone NP, NSW


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